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  • We aim to provide a customised service to cater for your individual cleaning needs.
  • Our team of cleaners are well trained and experienced in industrial, commercial & domestic cleaning tasks.
  • Each team member has a current police clearance and adhere to stringent training.
  • Our dynamic team of professional cleaners are determined and committed to delivering a superior service to all our clients.
  • We do not have any hidden charges & provide free quotes.
  • We are fully insured in case of personal injuries or property damage.


In general speaking Vacuuming does not count as a professional carpet cleaning. Therefore, your carpet should be professionally cleaned on regular basis. We highly recommend using the carpet steam cleaning process as it is more effective than the carpet dry cleaning process.

Each carpet will need to be cleaned differently depending on several facts. However, if you smoke, have pets or children or if the carpet is in a high traffic area it should be cleaned every six to nine months depending on how exposed it is.

This depends on few factors such as the size of the area & how badly exposed it to the traffic.

Normally it takes less than an hour to clean a 3 standard size rooms.

Tiles, whether ceramic or porcelain are easy to clean & maintain. Normally tiles require very minimal effort to keep clean.

Dilute a mixture of vinegar & baking soda in water. This will be a great home-made cleaning solution to clean your tiled floor once a week.

However, it is always recommended to clean your tiled floor from a professional tile cleaning service on regular basis. Especially your bathroom floors & walls may need professional tile cleaning at least every year.